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Posting to Facebook just hours apart, two of our favorite local nonprofits shared some BIG impact numbers with the community. Tri Cycle Farms gave us an update on their 2017 Food Recovery Program and Ozark Off-Road Cyclists reported out on their 2017 trail stewardship efforts. Check out the numbers below!

Tri Cycle Farms Food Recovery

Whole Foods donated 107,659 pounds of food and commodities to the program. 99,234 pounds of this went to food recipients. 24,043 pounds went to compost.
Through the program, 925 volunteer opportunities were created and 1,371 volunteer hours contributed.

Ozark Off-Road Cyclists Trail Stewardship

In 2017, the OORC and their branches fostered 4,325 hours of volunteer trail stewardship across the Arkansas Ozarks. This reflects a 37% growth in volunteerism over 2016, and a $85,030 financial impact into the communities they served.

Tri Cycle Farms envisions a world with food security, sovereignty and sustainability for all. Follow them on Facebook HERE.
The OORC is a non-profit organization that advocates for, builds, maintains and preserves soft-surface, multi-use trails in the Arkansas Ozarks. Follow them on Facebook HERE.