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Life is not just about location, but relationships we build through the places we live, work and play. The Q&(NW)A initiative by the Northwest Arkansas Council recognizes this and is working to bridge the gap between technology and the human experience in the Northwest Arkansas community.

Q&(NW)A will build one-on-one connections between like-minded individuals. Here, you can ask questions and learn about Northwest Arkansas (NWA) directly from current residents.


Northwest Arkansas offers something for everyone. From nationally ranked arts, culture and cuisine, to a plethora of outdoor lifestyle perks to flourishing job opportunities, this quiz will help you see what we mean when we say Life Works Here.

Answer each question to find your NWA Personality, which will highlight what Northwest Arkansas can offer you.

To get started, enter in your contact information for the opportunity to meet and learn more about the region with a current resident. Sign-up is free, safe and easy.

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Here are some of the other personalities and places that you can expect to find them in Northwest Arkansas.

Your adventurous spirit shines year-round in NWA, where every day is a new opportunity for outdoor recreation. Here, you prefer other methods of transportation like hiking, biking, or paddling. In fact, four of the top 25 best cities for cycling are in NWA.


You are the ultimate culinary adventurer in NWA, embarking on flavor-packed journeys that span from freshly roasted coffee at Onyx Coffee Lab to award-winning brews at Fossil Cove Brewing Co and Ozark Beer Company. Here, you savor diverse flavors from around the world like Bienvenue in Springdale, Atlas in Fayetteville, Yeyo’s Mexican Street Food, and Markham & Fitz at Bentonville’s 8th Street Market.


You embody NWA’s vibrant arts and culture scene. Spend your free time immersed in contemporary art at The Momentary, exploring rotating exhibitions at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and indulge curiosity with interactive exhibits at The Scott Family Amazeum.


Your tech-savvy spirit is right at home in NWA, a land of innovation and opportunity. Here, the blend of small community values and tech prowess thrives, boasting Fortune 500 giants like Walmart, Tyson Foods, and J.B. Hunt.