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Fayetteville Artist Jason Jones recently completed a mural in the entrance hallway to the Amazeum exhibition area, which highlights the connection between art and science, technology, engineering and math (STEAM)! Entitled Interplay: Bugs and Bulbs, the interactive mural changes colors and glows with LED Lights.

Via the News Release:

From inception, the Amazeum set out to be a gathering place for the community to come together to create, explore, learn, and make discoveries through hands-on activities. Making art in the context of STEAM aligns with the mission to be a creative platform for the community. “We have always used the acronym STEAM when talking about experiences at the Amazeum, because the arts make the other disciplines relevant to so many people,” said Sam Dean, executive director. “The creative process is part of an interdisciplinary approach to learning. When we have artists working in the building, our guests get to see in real-time how the various disciplines support and enhance the work being done and foster those genuine ‘a-ha’ and ‘wow’ moments of learning and understanding that sticks.”

The news release also mentioned that the Amazeum is preparing to launch a Maker in Residence Program! Stay tuned…