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Northwest Arkansas just landed a titan in the biking industry to help forward regional efforts towards becoming “the most desirable community in America for cyclists of all types!”

Brendan Quirk has been named Cycling Program Director for the Runway Group, a Bentonville-based organization with a focus on positioning Northwest Arkansas “as a leading region nationwide for the incubation and recruitment of cycling-related brands, an innovator in cycling infrastructure, and a bucket-list destination for bike tourism.” Quirk left his position as president of Rapha Racing Limited, one of the finest cycling clothing and accessories in the world, to join the group. Previous to Rapha, Quirk founded Competitive Cyclists, which was acquired by Backcountry.com in 2011. He served as Backcountry’s executive vice president of customer experience until 2015.

In Quirk’s Own Words:

“Northwest Arkansas is setting an all-new standard for how cycling can meaningfully add to a community’s quality of life,” Quirk said. “The development of the Razorback Greenway allows residents of the whole region easy bike access to school or work or the grocery store. The Oz Trails network of mountain bike trails gives riders of all levels access to the sort of high–quality mountain biking you’ll otherwise only find in Colorado or Utah. And the region is integrating cycling into the Physical Education curriculum in the schools to ensure all kids have access to bikes, regardless of income level. In Northwest Arkansas, the opportunity exists for cycling to touch everyone’s lives.”
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