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There are few things we enjoy more than Thrillist Features that cover spots in Northwest Arkansas! Most recently, they brought their passion, expertise, and taste to bear on the best places for whiskey throughout the United States.

Arkansas’ largest whiskey bar, Scotch & Soda, received the noteworthy nod! However, being the largest doesn’t automatically make you the best-of anything. As Thrillist points out, “It takes more than a massive selection of bottles and a few library ladders to make a great whiskey bar.”

Thrillist on Scotch & Soda

The original Scotch & Soda location is in Springfield, Missouri, about a two-hour drive northeast of this location in Bentonville. And normally a second location of a whiskey bar doesn’t warrant inclusion in one of our best-of lists. But then again, we’re talking about Arkansas’ largest whiskey bar here, with over 300 bottles. A few years ago, Bentonville (home to Walmart HQ) was a dry country. Now? It’s wetter than a water park in Seattle. You’ll find a brick-walled, dimly lit joint sporting a whiskey library with 150+ fine Scotches, 100+ bourbons, and rye, Irish whiskey, and international selections. For those lucky enough to visit Bentonville with an expense account, there’s plenty to blow your company’s money on, including rare pours like Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, Parker’s Heritage, E.H. Taylor Four Grain, and single barrels from Eagle Rare and Four Roses. And unlike its Missouri counterpart, a full kitchen whips up inspired eats, like a Scotch & Soda queso paired with chips that’ve been rinsed with Laphroaig. — LB

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