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OFFICIAL JOB TITLE: Director – Coffee Program
NON-OFFICIAL TITLE: The Coffee Guy : )
CITY: Bentonville
Where are you from?

Guatemala City, Guatemala

When did you arrive in Northwest Arkansas? What was that experience like?

4 years ago, and it was a great surprise! I remember looking out the window when we were landing at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) and just seeing fields and cows—it made me feel a little nervous but it didn’t take long to recognize the incredible beauty of this region. I also quickly recognized that each city in Northwest Arkansas has its own spirit and character.

What do you love most about Northwest Arkansas?

That I can learn something new each day and the quality of life. That I am able to have lunch with my wife, go pick up my baby from the daycare and walk a trail, grab a Guatemalan or Colombian coffee and then try some great hummus or falafel dishes, all in the same day without driving 2 hours—that´s quality of life for me.

A multicultural joint point—a melting pot of creativity and entrepreneurship.

Mauricio GuerreroNorthwest Arkansas in a sentence.
What are some of your favorite spots?

We love to go to the Amazeum with my daughter. My favorite restaurant in Bentonville is Vivace’s (Mediterranean cuisine). We also love to walk the Crystal Bridges Museum trails and experience the local coffee scene. There are so many amazing coffee shops in this region!

You know everything you currently know about the region, but you’ve never been here. You arrive and have 24 hours, where do you go, what do you do?

Start with a Latin American breakfast at Little Beans in Bentonville. Have a coffee at Mauricio´s Cafe (yeeaahhh!!!), and visit Crystal Bridges both inside and outside. Have lunch at Yeyo´s and visit the downtowns of Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, and Bentonville to learn about each city in the region—try a local coffee shop at each stop.

Describe your NWA tribe.

I have friends from all parts of Latin America: Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. When you are far from home, friends become family and I feel lucky to have this family.

What’s the vision for Mauricio’s?

To show you a little bit of my country through my passion that is coffee.

What’s the story?

Mauricio´s was born out of the passion for coffee that I have and the love I have for my country. Coffee is more than a beverage for me; it is an icebreaker, coffee is a catalyst for conversation and conversations are the best way to learn new things, new cultures. At Mauricio´s, you will find not only great Guatemalan coffee but will find great conversations and friends.

Why should we go? What’s the vibe? What makes it different?

You will find the Guatemalan coffee experience, which means you will find baristas without pretentious attitudes, open to talk with you and share their stories.

One thing we might not know?

We specialize in four manual techniques. These techniques require time, and we use that time to talk, to learn about each other and share stories.

Describe Mauricio’s in 3 words.

Guatemala, Coffee, and Community.

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