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The Walton Foundation recently caught up with five mountain bikers promoting the sport among women in Northwest Arkansas.

Kyla Templeton, Lindsay Custer, Lindsey Richter, Tandie Bailey, and Kelsey Miller are each taking the sport to new heights, shredding the region’s trails and breaking down barriers along the way. This feature is nothing short of inspiring!

A few quotes:

“We are creating opportunities for girls to feel like they belong to a group of people, that they belong on a team. That makes a difference in their whole life.” – Kyla
“There’s always room for growth. We have to change the perception that everyone must be an expert. Mountain biking doesn’t have to be scary. ” – Lindsay
“My theory is: If more ladies would all ride bikes, the world would be a better place.” – Lindsey
“Mentally and physically, mountain biking can be scary. That’s why the clinics and retreats are so huge. It gives women confidence in their personal ability.” – Tandie
“You can really see yourself grow through mountain biking. We want girls to learn how to mountain bike and have better bike skills. But the main goal of it is to build confidence.” –
“Learn More” and head over to the Walton Family Foundation blog for the full feature!
And if you have an extra five minutes, check out the featured video! >> Coincidence: Tandie Bailey mountain biking Oz Trails in Northwest Arkansas