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If Crystal Bridges is the most “woke” museum in America, this might very well be the most “woke” job posting in America.

The museum is currently seeking someone with visionary leadership and a passion for making a positive change in the Pre-K through 12 landscape to become their Head of School Programs. With the support of the museum and a team of 17 staff members, the selected candidate will have the opportunity to impact up to 50,000 students annually, work with over 30 schools throughout the region, develop new and experimental programs, and help scale their online learning program nationally! “Learn More” to apply for this position or one of the eleven other job openings at the museum below.

The picture above (posted by Crystal Bridges) is of the monumental sculpture Maman, (from French: mama), measuring more than 30 feet in both length and height, which sits in the courtyard at Crystal Bridges. For the artist Louise Bourgeois, the spider figure alludes to the strength of her mother, with connections to spinning, weaving, nurture, and protection.