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Did you know the migrating path for the monarch butterfly comes straight through Northwest Arkansas?

Neither did we until the Migrating Mural by Jane Kim and the team at Ink Dwell installed a beautiful, piece of public art on the side of the Springdale Airport Tower. The genesis of this public art installation began as a National Geographic call for ideas. Artist, Jane Kim won the Viewers’ Choice Award for her idea to increase the public’s emotional connection to animal life, proposing a series of large-scale paintings, that would inspire awareness, interest, and dedication to conservation.
The project landed the Springdale mural on the National Geographic blog! “Learn More” about the importance of this installation below.

Did you know?
“Over the last two decades, monarch numbers have dropped more than 80 percent”
You can take action by planting native milk weed plants in Spring to aid in their reproduction cycle
You can follow Springdale for Monarchs on Facebook for more information
Springdale for Monarchs, is a community group dedicated to saving the monarch butterflies. Their goal is to create a butterfly-friendly environment for migrating monarchs. Home monarch gardens, monarch waystations, and microbeds along the Razorback Greenway will make Springdale “the place” to be in September as the region comes alive with beautiful monarchs.