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All of these descriptors were sourced from headlines describing facets of Northwest Arkansas. Check out each of the references below.

Cover photo by @kangaroo_elite on Instagram

“Fayetteville named a Top 100 Best Place to live in 2019”

Fayetteville earned a spot on Livability’s Top 100 Best Places to Live list because of their solid economy — with an unemployment rate that’s currently at 2.6% — as well as their access to impressive amenities like the Walton Arts Center and the Dickson Street Entertainment District (home to all the quirky restaurants, galleries, clubs and boutiques that make up the heart of Fayetteville).

“7 Must-Visit Children’s Museums in the US”

1. Scott Family Amazeum—Bentonville, Arkansas: Since 2015, the Amazeum has been wowing visitors with 50,000 square feet of exhibit and learning space. Everything at this museum is hands-on and designed to be touched, climbed on, and interacted with.


So what DID we really discover in Bentonville? We tasted pommes frites with an Herb de Provence glaze that makes your mouth water even thinking about it! We discovered expertly paired world class dishes, unique craft beers, incredibly amazing venues, a love and lust for freshness and sustainability, a blend of history and new world creations, stellar execution, and most of all? We found the most WONDERFUL friendly people that we wanted to pack in our suitcases and bring home with us. When you realize you want to bring everything you’ve found home with you, you know unequivocally, without a doubt, you have found a true gem. Shine on Bentonville!

“Discover the ever-expanding network of mountain bike trails in Northwest Arkansas”

Between the rugged summits of the Rockies and the swooping crests of the Appalachians, the Ozarks seem to barely spring out of the ground. But these relatively unassuming mountains, which cross from Arkansas into southwestern Missouri, hide more than 300 miles of mountain biking trails that cater to beginner and expert rider alike.

Other Notable Mentions


“We’ve developed an amazing home-grown mountain bike culture, but we’ve also become a destination,” Quirk said. “It’s become a really important part of our identity as a region. It reminds me a bit of a ski town. You go to a ski town and meet people, and even if they don’t ski, they self-identify as a ski town. The same phenomenon is happening here in Bentonville where people identify our community as a cycling community.”

The Waltons Embrace Design Excellence

“It may seem like a paradox, but the family that founded Walmart is helping to reshape the Arkansas landscape, to surprising effect.”

Just another day in Northwest Arkansas.