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Everywhere you point the camera here is treasure.

Nic PizzolattoDirector of HBO's True Detective

Northwest Arkansas is a videographers playground. It’s hard not to swell with pride each time a video comes out that showcases the aesthetic charm of the exceptional place we call home.

On that note, the Northwest Arkansas Council recently enlisted the services of Cedric Fonville, the CEO and founder of a video production company called NICE NWA to pull together a video that not only showcased the people and places found throughout the region, but also highlighted some of the amazing facts and figures we’ve collected this year.

It is one thing to say we are the best, it is another to have the numbers and the national recognition to back up that claim. What the video makes clear is that when it comes to quality of life,  all signposts point to Northwest Arkansas. You can find more information about the various national rankings on the Northwest Arkansas Council’s website. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the video!

Finding NWA is a gateway to information and stories about Northwest Arkansas. Arguably Definitively, one of the best places to live in the entire country! Don’t believe us? Let’s compare notes.