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New sculptures have been installed along the North Forest Trail at Crystal Bridges!

These include:
Tony Tasset’s 12-foot tall “Deer” (2015)
George Rickey’s “One Fixed Four Jointed Lines Biased” (1988)
Carol Bove’s “Horse Lover” (2016)
Fletcher Benton’s “Steel Watercolor No. 162” (1993).

Catch a Facebook preview HERE

As the museum website notes, “The trails and grounds of Crystal Bridges are a must-see part of the Museum experience. More than 3.5 miles of trails wind through the Museum’s 120-acre site, providing guests with access to the beautiful Ozark landscape. Designed to spark the imagination, the trails help guests form connections to the land and its history, as well as enjoy outdoor artworks.”

More Info about North Forest Trail:
Pedestrian, wheelchair, and stroller friendly, the 1.1-mile North Forest Trail features over 500 dogwood trees that flower during spring, as well as a public bathroom and rustic North Forest Shelter. This trail is reachable from the museum’s north elevator tower, and connects to the Orchard Trail, Rock Ledge Trail, and the City of Bentonville’s Enfield Trail.

“Learn More” to check out the rest of the museum trails.
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