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Located a short 20 miles southwest of Fayetteville, Cane Hill (pop. 200) was prominent in the early 1800’s for mills and apple farming.

Cane Hill, Arkansas, was founded in 1827 and was one of the first settlements in Washington County and the State.

The town started to decline in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s and was left virtually forgotten until the nonprofit, Historic Cane Hill, was formed to restore the Cane Hill College. The nonprofit now focuses on preserving the rich cultural history of the area, including the many properties located there listed on the National Register of Historic Places. “Learn More” in this Arkansas Life piece by Katy Henriksen entitled: “New Life in an Old Northwest Arkansas Town.”

Quick Facts about this hidden gem:

  • Historic Cane Hill has invested about $4.5 million in preservation efforts.
  • There are 16 sites on the National Register of Historic Places along a 1.5-mile walking trail in Cane Hill.
  • Cane Hill College was the first college in Arkansas to grant 4-year degrees and the first to admit women (1875).
  • One of only three Civil War battles fought in Northwest Arkansas was in Cane Hill. The others took place in Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove.
  • Home of the state’s first library.
  • A well documented route for several Trail of Tears detachments runs through Cane Hill.
  • The Cane Hill Harvest Festival happens every year in September.
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