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Shaw Elementary in Springdale recently incorporated an EAST (Environmental and Spatial Technology, Inc.) program for their students.

EAST is a project-based, service-learning oriented program that provides students with high-end technology and an educational atmosphere that fosters problem-solving, innovation, and collaboration. That said, what their first cohort of fifth-graders achieved this year (with the help of some ninth-graders) is nothing short of remarkable.

Seven-year-old, Gracie Marvin, had one wish: to be able to ride a bicycle without training wheels. The challenge for Gracie was being born without a right hand, which made it incredibly difficult to keep her bike balanced without the support of training wheels. Her cousin, Leah, knew this and spoke to her fellow EAST classmates about helping out. With the aid of a 3-D printer and the support of a ninth grader at the Don Tyson School of Innovation, Gracie now has a comfortable device that will have her off the training wheels in no time. As if that wasn’t enough, the ninth-graders also used proceeds from their school’s coffee shop to purchase a new bicycle and helmet for Gracie to start practicing with.
“Learn More” about this beautiful collaborative effort below.