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Singletracks.com happens to be home of the #1 mountain bike blog, so when they recently shared “The 5 Best MTB Trails Built in Arkansas in the Last 5 Years”, we were quick to click! How many will you find in Northwest Arkansas? 4 out of the 5!

The Top 5

  • Back 40, Bella Vista
  • Coler Mountain, Bentonville
  • Slaughter Pen, Bentonville
  • Upper Buffalo Headwaters, Boxley
  • Iron Mountain, Arkadelphia

Bob Robinson, from Singletracks, does a fantastic job of sharing some of the work that went into each trail, updating readers on the latest enhancements each trail has experienced, and breaking down rides for those who have never experienced what each has to offer. “Learn More” to read the full write-up.

Quick Excerpt

“Perry and Suzanne Hayes, along with neighbors How and Kate Kuff, began a campaign back in 1995 to stop planned logging in this area (Upper Buffalo), according to Perry Hayes. Their grassroots activities attracted the attention of Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia clothing. He sent their group to training seminars in the West, where they learned what their rights were as concerned citizens and were made aware of the legal limits they had to observe during their peaceful demonstrations to save the forest around the headwaters. The initial trail system that the Hayeses and Kuffs began developing has grown to become the IMBA Epic trail system we all enjoy today.”