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If you are interested in making a difference, you need to consider getting involved with Beaver Watershed Alliance. They are incredible stewards of our most precious natural resource –water!

From volunteering to remove invasive plants, to removing trash from streams (at times, on kayaks and canoes), to educational and informational workshops, to implementing best management practices on local properties and in public spaces, the collective impact of their efforts to protect our waterways is real, tangible, and lasting.
Take a look at the impact they had in 2017:

  • $172,541 in volunteer labor contributions
  • 28,227 pounds of trash removed from waterways and land
  • 35 acres of invasive plants removed from the watershed
  • 5,491 native trees and vegetation planted
  • 77 acres of riparian and reforestration enhancement
  • 120 miles of waterways impacted

Check out the infographic HERE.

“Learn More” to check out their upcoming opportunities to get involved.


About Beaver Watershed Alliance:
BWA was formed in 2011 to proactively protect, maintain, and enhance the water quality of Beaver Lake and the integrity of its watershed through outreach and education, voluntary best management practice implementation, and scientific investigation. BWA represents a diverse stakeholder group from conservation, education, water utilities, technical and science, agriculture, recreation, business, and local government groups working together for the goal of clean water.