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Application Process

How long is the selection process? When do applications close?

The Northwest Arkansas Council is actively reviewing thousands applications and does not have a set timeline for when selections will be made. All applicants will receive updates via email.

There is no close date, and the Council will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis. 

Extended FAQ

What qualifies as Northwest Arkansas?

Applicants must relocate to and maintain housing in either Washington or Benton counties to receive the incentive.

What exactly is remote work, anyway?

This incentive program is designed for individuals who have full-time remote employment with a company outside of Arkansas. The term “remote employment” refers to individuals who do not have to physically travel into their place of work on a daily basis. Such individuals may even work for a company located outside of their city or state. Often, this is referred to as “working from home” or “telecommuting.”

If accepted, may I seek employment in Arkansas?

Selected applicants are not prohibited from seeking employment in Arkansas after relocating to the region.

How long do I have to live in NWA?

To receive the full $10,000, applicants must live in Northwest Arkansas for at least 12 months. The Northwest Arkansas Council is seeking applicants that showcase an interest in planting roots in the region

What happens if I become unemployed or lose my job during the program?

As long as the selected candidate resides in the region for the full 12 months, they will receive the full incentive. 

What if I am selected, but I move before the 12-months is over? Do I have to pay back the money received?

No, however, no further payments will be issued if the candidate is no longer residing in the region. 

Must I rent or can I purchase a home?

Selected candidates must secure housing whether renting or purchasing a home within Benton or Washington county.

When is the first payment? Is it a lump-sum? What is the payment schedule?

Once awarded the incentive, individuals will receive $5,000 upon providing proof of signing a lease or purchasing a home. Upon residing in Northwest Arkansas for six months, they will receive a final payment of $5,000.

Is the $10,000 taxable?

The program incentive paid to recipients is income. No tax withholdings of any kind shall be made and recipients will receive an IRS Form 1099. It is the responsibility of recipients to report the income to the appropriate state and federal tax authorities and to pay any taxes due on such income.

What is the state income tax and local sales tax?

Tax rates vary based on income and the city the selected candidate resides in. Visit https://www.arkansasedc.com/why-arkansas/business-climate/tax-structure/personal-income-tax or the local government websites for more information on state and local taxes.

Are there any other incentives or job placement services?

The Northwest Arkansas Council is not currently offering any other incentives. 

Candidates interested in jobs in the region can visit https://careersnwa.com/ to explore job openings. 

The Council will share candidates’ information with employers in the region. If interested, join the Northwest Arkansas Talent Network here: https://talent.findingnwa.com/talent-network 

What type of bicycle?

Incentive recipients will receive a $600 voucher to one of several locally-owned bike shops to use towards the purchase of a bike or other equipment.

More Eligibility Questions

Do I qualify if I have been offered a full-time position in the region?

To be eligible for the incentive, applicants must already have full-time employment with a company located outside of the state of Arkansas that gives an option to work remotely or be a self-employed/business owner with stable income.

Can I transfer my license to work in the region or transfer to an office in the region and be eligible?

No. Applicants must have full-time work at a company located outside of the state or be a self-employed/business owner with stable income

Are retirees eligible for the incentive?

Retirees are not eligible for this incentive.

Do I qualify if I’m on disability?

People receiving disability benefits are not eligible for this incentive. Applicants must either be working full-time with the option to work remotely or a self-employed/business owner with stable income.

I am not a U.S. Citizen, am I eligible for the incentive?

Noncitizens who have the necessary credentials required to work legally in the U.S. are eligible to apply.  The Northwest Arkansas Council cannot aid in the acquisition or approval of such credentials (work visas, etc.).

I do not work in a STEAM field, and I am not self-employed, will I be considered?

While this incentive was designed to attract STEAM (roles rooted in science, technology, engineering, art and/or math) and entrepreneurial talent to the region, people with other full-time positions that allow for remote work outside of the STEAM fields and an active interest in relocating to the region will still be considered.

I was living outside of Arkansas when I applied, but I now live in-state, am I eligible?

No. Applicants are not eligible for the incentive live in-state at the time of acceptance. Applicants must have full-time work at a company located outside of the state or be a self-employed/business owner with stable income.

I have multiple streams of income, do I qualify?

All applicants who have stable income and the ability to work remotely are eligible. 

What is the upper age limit? What if I am currently under the age of 24.

There is no upper age limit. Applicants under the age of 24 may still be eligible if turning 24 on or before the date of relocation.